Trust the Experts for Quality in all Stages of Welding and Inspection

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Trust the Experts for Quality in all Stages of Welding and Inspection

Rig Fab Energy Services is a premier provider of qualified and certified industry professionals for Weld Inspection services for facilities or projects of all sizes and complexities. These services range from NDE, CWI Services, QA/QC Project Oversight, to ASNT Level II & III Services. Our NDT and certified welding inspectors are AWS QC1 and ASNT SNT-TC-1A certified and have the relevant training to verify your project is in conformance to code. With our experience and skills, our clients can be confident they are receiving the highest quality, time efficient, consistently reliable, and most cost-effective inspection services possible.

Welder Certification & Testing

Rig Fab is an American Welding Society (AWS), Accredited Testing Facility, offering welder qualification testing for AWS certification, ASME code requirements and more. We are also one of the few companies in the state of Florida, and one of approximately 150 nationwide, with an AWS Certified Welder Program. We work with employers needing certified welders for upcoming work, Career Technical Education providers looking to upgrade their welding programs and industry professionals looking to become certified. Our goal is to improve the quality and quantity of certified welders to meet ongoing workforce needs.

Welder Qualification Testing

Train. Qualify. Manage. At Rig Fab we pride ourselves in being one-stop-shop in getting you or your employees trained, tested, qualified and ready to show up with confidence. Our Certified Weld Inspectors can test your welders according to your company’s welding procedure and/or help you write a procedure based on welding code. Whether you need to qualify welders for pre-employment screening, upcoming work or you just need help testing all the welders needed to man your next job, we are your source.

AWS Welder Certification Program

Real Certifications. Real Rewards.
The certification process should not be a cause of stress or aggravation. We come to your location, provide materials and testing, conduct the destructive testing on-site, and provide complete documentation within hours of testing. Rig Fab partners with Career Technical Education providers, employers, and industry professionals to allow both emerging and experienced professionals to gain the confidence and certifications needed to forge successful welding careers and increase their earning potential.


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